Friday, April 18, 2008

Sweet Amy OOPS

Ok I have to say a few things right off the bat.They're a lot of cool people online and I'm getting the feeling that Amy is one of the best .She has a really cool blog that has one of my favourite topics/themes HUMOR.She also has her own online store and she is branding herself with the cute ad AmyOOPS BLOG's here .So anyway I wanted to mention Amy and I hope that  she keeps going cause I plan on stopping by.

ps it was a little hard to do cause she has a great awesome blog but she looks just like a girl that works at the gas station my wife manages and I keep thinking of that whacky chick at the store my bad.And I see a pic on her blog of her and her kid so I need people to go by and if she is a single mom consider checking out her shirts for sale and all that Send that girl some love.

main blog here and start here I got a kick out of that looked all to familiar

ps depending on the blog this post maybe also posted on any of the following at my discretion thanks. ---- for sale or trade ?make an offer

or wherever else.

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