Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ok how would you like a 556 Alexa site FREE

Yeah as I was finishing up my night.I went to check into on one of little hangouts

Anyway I just checked their alexa and it's like 432,434.I just set one up and guess what mine is #566 right now so think about that?How can I just make one upload a few things and whatever and I'm 566 and this lady who is a sweetheart by the way:)I don't understand that and would like all you peps in the know to comment on that and I also want to put the link RIGHT HERE,now do me a fav sign up thru mine.Now that your reading this I will be able to know if you went right HERE and sign up on my high ranking Alexa site,so that YOU can get your own Alexa site FOLLOW?I just want mine for people that are listed on this site to hang out as by then we'll  be rich off of those MAD google adsense checks and all that money from...

   So now that you got you one of those awesome sites what my method is as followed this blog is real new and my other is on it's way but what I'm going to do is PULL myself and all the vast resources i have YOU to maybe not the top,and maybe not to the point where I'm so lame I start selling DVD's and e-books like so many other scam mofos.No I rather be in Key West cutting thru some smooth 4 ft waves on another beautiful day Hooking mad Marlins,mahi,sharks all that on a million dolla boat with my wife and kids SON.So lets fucking turn it out it's our turn BABY,oh shit now I sound like that GOOF Sitejumper.Now I'm going to link the shit out of this post this post should give YOU some work to do EASY work.Now git cause my Alexa is down to 567.

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