Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Planet is this dude on ?

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His main blog. He is polite,intelligent,cool,funny and is coming out of the gate like a thunderbolt.I got a tip to correct something on my blog is how I came across Mr McNeri.This young has it all going for him.check out the way he set up his blog/s.He also is doing that cross promotion thing sort of like I do with this and potpolitics.As I was outside thinking about what to write I was thinking that this guy and Ty are going to climb so fast as might as well try to do my best to ride on their coat tails.I was thinking these are the kinda people your going to want to know.McNeri's done a great job on his blog and an even greater job of impressing me with all his skillz,check him out HERE.

ps I had to fiqure out what link to send you to his has quite a few good ones I guess start there:)

pss-I don't think we're going to have to worry about this guy getting PAID.

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