Thursday, March 6, 2008

I came across this and it's like a species that Just disappeared BUT IT was fun

Anonymous on December 11, 2006:
Hell yea.. long live those memories
Anonymous on January 8, 2007:
proggies were awesome
Anonymous on January 9, 2007:
man id love those days aol was so fun and easy and not so user friends spammers pws crackerz everything went
Anonymous on February 15, 2007:
i miss making them........i know some of you had Fate X and Gothic nightmares....... :)
Anonymous on February 27, 2007:
This takes me way back; thanks for putting it together!
Anonymous on April 7, 2007:
anyone know where a person can still d/l these classic progs just for memories sake?
Anonymous on April 8, 2007:
i used Farmer Fran, and method toolz and shit.. SO MANY!
Anonymous on April 12, 2007:
Ah geez, I used to be on aol at that time too, waiting like the messiah the new Fate version, man I was so glad to have Fate Zero in my hands... Hahahah. There was some guy who was making great proggies too, it was storm something, his last proggie I used was Citadel, he was always using Ozzy's music for his intro music, he was a great coder too...
Anonymous on April 23, 2007:
Yup.. I remember making Aol prog.'s, punters, and ccoms, and everyone who did.

That's what attracted me to the internet back when and got me using it. Shit was fun. I was only i'm 23. I still got some on my old win95 PC all the source code and old prog.'s of mine.

I think one of the last pages is

Try an old friends page of mine, he's the one who made em-pee three player: is gone now, recently went down, lasted about 8 years use to have every single prog/punter/termer/etc. on it.
Anonymous on May 6, 2007:
Hey im 23 to and I remember progs from back in the day. I remember also when 1im punters came out and you could punt people with 1im, so much fun. I then later on got into carding, making scame sites, then spamming. Got away with ALOT of free stuff, but quit all that around year 2000, internet finally started getting more secured. but lenshell is coming back, hes remodeling so dont worry ;D. should be done in june of 2007. hit me up on xbox live sn:caiibre
Anonymous on May 11, 2007:
You forget the use of a daily generated room name using the "shizza room generator" which we all had to start using after the aol police came into the "freeshit1" type rooms, which became very unsafe. I know because I used to do several mass mails a day for the group RaaO back in the day like 1996 round about.

Anonymous on May 19, 2007:

Damn. Best memories EVER!!!! HAHA.

Remember.... there used to be some group on AOL that let you request to get hardware bought free of charge with stolen cc#'s??? that was back in 95'... I ferget the name of the group though, but those fools were crazy, & it was legit for a while too... you had to take advantage of it while it lasted!! Could get a new hdd.... Or a whole entire brand new computer for free.

AOL 2.5, AOL 3.0........ then they started having madd AOL updates that stopped all the progs from workin...... thay had that thing where e-mails would die off with the attachments randomly, so the groups started making the subjects different without all the fancy text & also made the tags super plain so maybe AOL's method would not kill the mail attachments as the groups thought they detected the emails based off the tags & the subjects of the emails.....

Whats crazy too is there is a website still up to this very day that has every warez group tag out there available to view in JPG form..... the "tags" that the groups had in the email bodies for their warez bein served that showed what was attached, how many rar files or zip files for the release, all the groups members, the groups top MMailers for the week/month, top servers, top uploaders.... its a dope website! the old school homie made it & i actually donated more than half the tags on the site.... its dope cuz you can check out all the tags & the "macros" at the top with the group name spelled out.... & sorry people, if you don't know the website though to peep all the juarez aol group tags, then you just don't know. ;)

Making macros was great... you had to be a good artist. There were macro making groups too. Also, those progs with automatic-macro makers... type somethin out & it would put it out & generate it in a macro form. lol :PP

The great macro makers I remember were X99 & Nite....... there were grips of other dudes too that were dope... that guy X99 is still around today too but he doesn't make macros anymore.


Wish i had a time machine to go back to that time... funnest times ever.

Gotta love the proggie with the fancy intros & crazy music! Hahah.
Anonymous on June 16, 2007:
ah yes thanks god for monkegod and dos32 bas for showing me the way... those were good times..

i learned alot about sub classing and win32 apis..
Anonymous on June 18, 2007:
Wow, it's cool to see that I'm not the only one who feels nostalgic about those days. I remember staying up all night chatting in private rooms, figuring out the VB3 IDE, scrolling with 'online host' and 'internal' AOL accounts. How many of you guys were in a coding / warez group? I was in a few, but the only one I can remember was called 'Arise' and I remember getting quizzed by some guy about Win32 API calls to prove myself worthy enough to join. Haha, man, it was all pretty childish looking back, but it was so much fun at the time! On the same token, I wonder if I'd still be a techie if it weren't for that period of time? At the very least, I learned a lot about screen scraping and subclassing with Win32 API.

So I guess we're all around age 23 now. It'd be cool to get back in touch with some of you guys on a forum or IRC chan or something. Anyone interested hit me up on AIM @ 'nsf'.
Anonymous on June 21, 2007:
That was the shit wasn't it! I miss the old days.



ENL (ex PReZ and VP) :) said...

lol shizza room generator OMFG it's been such a long time. I still remember when AXiS first wrote that thing.. the daily random room generation was a cool idea. ahh good times...

skamanacme said...

enl, wow thats a name i havent heard in like 10 years. i hope you are doing well i was skaman and my buddy offline and online was soul...bbb both brought us in and it was the best thing to do after coming home during junior high. im 25 now and miss those easy days. take care everyone who was into that scene because we were one of a kind it seems like!
anyone from that time want to contact me
(i never had a name in a email add since those times haha)

Anonymous said...

X99 here, memory lane stuff haha