Thursday, March 6, 2008

Will Sleep ever come

Well there's not alot to do in this town,city or whatever it is except smoke weed and eat alot of chocolate.Life could be a whole lot worse and when I think about where I'm at 42 I can go either way depend on the day.

If your really bored check out that new site I quickly made as I continue to get lost with Dreamweaver .Oh anyone looking to talk over the phone about anything Let me know and I'll

arrange it.I got to get back to Key West there's movies to make.Hey check out some of those

links on my site,sites.It's seems with all this boredom I became a member of like 20 web sites

from microsoft,freewebs,yahoo,weebly and Yuwie and many others

anyway it's time to get out of the house Have a Good night

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