Thursday, March 6, 2008

AOL employee FORUM

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1. Well it was fun while it lasted. I see AOL will be more of a graveyard than it's already starting to look like. Most still do not like the new format and will leave.

Posted at 2:20PM on Feb 5th 2008 by A**********

2. Well it was fun while it lasted. AOL has been looking like a graveyard since the new format was brought forward. I see it as just worse when the old format is taken away. Many will not use it. Adios to a good thing that was!

Posted at 2:23PM on Feb 5th 2008 by A*********

3. It's about time. If users had made the effort to learn and use the new format MB's way back when they first came out, they wouldn't need to complain now.
I have used the new MB's for so long now that I probably wouldn't be able to find my way around the old ones any longer.

Posted at 3:06PM on Feb 5th 2008 by SBSBJB

4. I am having problems setting my settings. It says product unavailable and has been this way since the New Years? How do I change my settings so they will work. Thank You.

Posted at 3:19PM on Feb 5th 2008 by Sharon

5. I think that AOL is letting $ go to there heads. They dont care about the customer any longer. They only wanna make themselves happy. I dont see a problem with the old MB's. if people like it the old way then why mess with it. If we pay for AOL we should be able to have things to way we wantit. Itsnt always said the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT... Well i think AOL is learning from the wrong customer service programs..

Posted at 3:50PM on Feb 5th 2008 by PatriotsFan

6. It's all about the advertising dollar, LPH. It't not that anything is

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