Monday, May 12, 2008

My life is about to change again.....

chamber  Well I had planned to go to the Start Up in San Antonio this week.I may not be able to make it there after all.I have to call back tomorrow to confirm my answer which will be yes,unless I'm dead and not able to call:).

So what's that mean ?Hmm well my financial situation will be a lot different and I'm sure that will make life even better.I will be off-line for a few days as I will be traveling.I guess that will be a good break.I guess spending the last six months working on my "lil" project has apparently paid off.

The only thing that I like about that is I will be able to get some better computers and that's about all I need.Locked and Loaded.I'm also going to make this programming capsule I can sit in and really rock.Distractions are very hard to deal with when your in the zone.I also am going to make my own mouse and have it on a hat or pair of glasses so I can blink and click and blink,it takes way to much time to do things this way.Oh and on a final note today I recieved a rejection notice from clickbooth and told Sara I would post about how they really suck and who needs them really but since I'm a nice guy actually I wish them well.We'll see if I'm still mister cuddles Friday when my pockets are full.That will be the question you know the world changes John Sullivan doesn't.see everyone late Friday night ciao..

And on a final note;if your reading this (obviously:) here's a little tip for you whether your a amateur or professional and want a very cool place to hang head that ass over to a great online community even I can make friends on there :) And if you can't you know your a GOOF Ha just kidding it is a good community a lot of positive support which actually helped motivate me on this project that is going to be life changing now that's HOT.I'll share the exact details this weekend on my new Sony Viao I'm going to buy right off the bat.

I dont want to jinx myself or the deal so I have to be mum's the word.Lets just call it PROJECT SHAMROCK for now:)

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