Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Just wanted to make a post and give a few tips and shout outs.First of to all the Mom's Happy Mother's Day.This is the first year since my Mother's death and it has been a sad morning.

So I wanted to tell everyone about Trafficjams,yeah I know there's quite a few traffic exchanges but this is more then that and the ops are cool and it's new so check it out. Here's a

Ok also I have been so impressed lately with everyone on Blogcatalog that I'm going to get back into adding good blogs back to the changes recently in had me thinking what my numbers would of been like if I had actually put some effort into posting.And a finally note if you haven't signed up for the websitemagazine it's awesome and 100% FREE if you sign up for the digital and mail box editions both FREE I'll get 2 bucks,so sign up and then do it yourself  it takes two minutes and the magazine is high quality and has excellent content.Thanks

Website Magazine

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