Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blogging Forecast 2008-what's really happening

 werd Ok let me just say that I want to thank my baby for giving me some love on all my blogs.Now here comes the good news.I have traveled to the far reaches of the blog world and just got back from really looking at so many blogs,it's wild.I can see where web 3.0 is going in fact I'm actually working on a project on a little server,it's looking good and I will ask a few of my peps to give it a test run.PHP is amazing in so many ways I don't know where to start about that.But you will be able to see IT soon enough.Google's going to want to buy that sucker mark my words on that.Think Technocrati LIVE.

I have also been working on some other very amazing projects.Let me just say this cause I was reading on some kids money making blog that he "thinks" he is going to make all this money right out of the gate.I was laughing to myself.It would be a nice invention to have a digital clock on your monitor that shows just how long we spend working on our blogs.I'm not going to admit the exact time.But it's alot

coffee I was just thinking that bloggers are pretty smart people right now things are getting rough,meaning economically and when Walmart starts sucking up to bloggers you know it's SHOWTIME.Things may not be looking all that hot in the real world but in this world things couldn't be better.Since Nov 2007 when I made just to see what it was all about.I haven't been in jail,I haven't drank alcohol.If you knew me that would mean something.So this came right on time.And I have a STRONG feeling that all the hard work I have been seeing everyone doing is paying and will start really paying off.Oh and I'm going to start listing one good site that has high PR and is easy to link to in fact check out the BaltimoreSun online edition I was going to keep that to myself.But I believe Bloggers need to support each other,everyone needs help and everyone like a little praise every now and then So Get on board....order that awesome magazine from the person who is going to be their #1 affiliate by the end of summer.Order both the online and mailbox editions they're both free and I'll get a few pesos:0 Then you can do it and if you keep your eyes open while your in their you'll see how easy it is to comment in there Tell Pete John Sullivan sent you -Ok lets Fire it UP

Oh and if you need a cool place to hang out you can meet a lot of cool people right here

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These are some of the blogs that I like right now -I'm going to add as I go

1 Brad Blogging-Brad is always on to something I  watched his Evolution and he is on FIRE

2 Deadrooster -just on CNN awesome humor blog,totally committed Blogger

3 tempted to list a few of mine:)


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waddup smokey- where ya from --Key W or San Antone? wish i was in the Keys burnin' one, too