Sunday, April 27, 2008 is the way to go

I set up a bunch of domains.I have had sites with alot of different companies.One thing I need as I make alot of changes is flexibility and speed.When I'm in the backend I feel confident when I make changes and this company is 100% on the ball.

When I first started out I made a few mistakes and had to call them guess what they picked up on the first ring,no BS.Ok so I ordered 2 free domains,for 14.00 for 6 months.When you order they will give me 10 bucks!Your domains are reg for a yr,that alone is worth 14.00 but they have excellent support,free e store easy setup.And you know what they're FAST.I tried netfirms recently caused they had a great offer and I wanted to see what they had to offer in the backend.Well it was very slow,bleak and basic.I transferred out of that mess.Anyway it's up to you.I'm no salesman but if you want to look like a pro have access to a ton of features and you have complete control,on the server the whole nine.Check it out for yourself.Thank me Later :)Oh and when you get on there you can thank people for the 10 bucks you will get So THANKS:)

Banner PS this offer is no joke or a scam this company is awesome.

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