Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I know my Kid's a Star -VH1 Wed.

star_1_2 Well I was just channel surfing and came across this new show.First off I'm a fan of Danny Bonaduce's

dannyB Ok so the show had a great intro and had my attention,then it kinda lurched into a combo of American Idol/Maury Povich.Like many other judging type Shows Falvor Flav and all those kinds,you could tell

that a lot of the favorites were based on Drama etc .The leader of that is this previously unknown character

star_1_34 Who goes by the name Rocky,here's a little sample of her style


hey check out this kid

alai_dance1So the show is well written and staged Danny does a great job,It's going

to be cool to watch as the kids obvious talents come out week after week.Plus it's on at a great time

to watch with the kids like I did with mine.Right off the bat I give the show an 8,with room to grow

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