Sunday, March 30, 2008

Check out this sorry ass PIG and Cool ass JUDGE

I came across this on a fellow blogger's site at which is worth checking out actually.So here we go this is basically the way I see "most" cops and other f*cking jerks that work for suck off the Government-yeah You know who you are Bitch now STFU and watch...The REAL YOU So now FAT boy is a victim?I think I'm a victim of society
paying probably 50 an hour total cost for this clown to bounce around town wasting gas till the "next" dinner break,please who is this dude going to catch?He is neither a victim or a HERo he is just some fat ass punk bitch that Now will cost society plenty and have his whole town babying his fat ass.Well Good Luck there Trooper.

PS I dont hate cops but I would eat a pound of weed before a cup of salt,now fat BOY
is plagued with "issues" and can't eat,sleep,and will be medically Retired=million or so down the drain.

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