Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Web Counters vs. TRAFFIC

Well I was telling my wife about all these crazy ideas and showing her that neat Globe thingy spinning on the side of this blog when the thought occurred,I don't see any or I should say many
other Blogs with counters on the bottom of their page.Then with some further thought I was thinking yeah why would you want a person reading your page to know that you only had 673 visits and 600 of them were me? There's many sites that are monitoring my lack of traffic so why
expose myself to a person thinking damn this dude has NO TRAFFIC.I know when I'm reading
stuff on someone's site I'm assessing alot of things and visits and age of the site is definitely one of them.I also was working on a professional newsletter today and got to send it to myself:) but on the
site description I added a few things this blog is not.I don't promote pot or drug use.Yes I smoke POT but I'm old enough to decide for myself.And god knows that I've done untold amounts of
practically every drug there is that a person takes to get HIGH and I'm glad I don't have a need to do stuff on that level anymore. In fact I don't drink anymore cause I'm a REAL asshole when I'm drunk.But I'm not going to tell anyone not to or lecture them about whatever.So yes I'm hoping that my ideas do come to fruition.I hope I take writing more serious and I'm hoping my google acct goes up past 10.00 soon enough:) I'm starting to see the power of linking and commenting in certain areas I pass thru although they must not be all that Badass cause
I still have a way to go to 1000.I know I can do a few underhanded things to speed up the process
but I don't really have to cause it will take it's course. In the mean time I'm learning alot and all that "stuff" will pay off one way or the other.I'm at least keeping myself occupied and realizing that I did like writing when I was younger in prison.I have 4 novels and 20 screenplays in my head right now to the last period but FEAR has and is always been a factor all my life so I quess
I will just have to man up and get BUSY.Have a GREAT DAY and remember one thing we're all HUMAN and one day we will be gone but this will be somewhere on some kinda of storage
device somewhere.........................................................

PS Just a sidenote did you just REALIZE that your going to meet me one day in REAL LIFE
see I knew that. I know that sounds crazy now but you'll see...........

PSS Yeah let me do one of those PSS jammies Hey most people coming thru here probably have their own blog/blogs well I just wanted to add that this lame ass post took alot longer then a person might think and as you can see it isn't very good. Writing I guess isn't as easy as people may think.So think about that and click a few of those corny ass buttons on the side cause I'm straving:) Also if your really BORED and for some crazy reason have read this far please feel free to email me any suggestions,criticism,help,Shout out if you know me from the "REAL WORLD"
I know ALOT of people in the REAL WORLD all over the country,Yeah that's USA for that one Bulgarian person that comes thru here.Hello by the way .There's 3 people that come thru isn't that SWEET.I better get on CRAIGSLIST.ORG and see what shit jobs they have on their cause I need to get PAID one way or the other.Any ideas let me know and please spare me the Paid survey get quick rich schemes God knows we all see enough of those.Oh and to keep it real just because YOU have made it this far I'm going to start writing about some HIGH level shit so stay tuned.Get me to 1000 BABY!


Anonymous said...

That sidenote will be deleted once the person that is intended to read it does.

Do I know who that person is right this second? NO is it YOU
email me if YOU think it's YOU

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Low traffic??? Don't worry! The more u poke the internet the more people will get to know that u exit in blogsphere! When I first started blogging I got one reader only! Slowly more reader get to know me & read my 'horny' post!
BTW tq for dropping on my site! Have a nice day!

Danny Vice said...

There are a lot of great blogs out there that focus primarily on traffic building tactics.

For example... joining services like blog catalog and just chatting on the boards spurns traffic. When you visit a blog catalog site, it leaves your signature on their site. So what would happen if you quick visited a hundred sites per day? I can do that in about 5 minutes...(although no one admits to doing that and neither will I)..

Anyway, I encourage you to read some of those ideas and just give them a try.

You will eventually find traffic - and that is for sure.

For example. you leaving one message on my site has returned you several visits from me...

Hang in there...