Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clawing my way to the TOP

Well I was up all night,thoughts rushing at a comfortable pace.I could see exactly where I wanted to go as far as my online goals.I mean all this time wasted? Yuwie,and 100's of other lame
ass sites I signed up for and wasted my time on.BUT from all that I learned ALOT and now have some solid resources and READY to take my venture to the NEXT level and not with any scam
type crap.Where you KICKBACK and check the mail box cause that isn't going to happen.I found that even getting your damn google acct to 3 dollars takes some work.So the hell with Google and all those other companies that are KICKING back and making MAD Money.Hey in REALITY if I can get to a very modest monthly income I'd be more then happy.Unfortunately
my ideas are so BIG TIME that I need to just keep on with a realistic approach and keep doing the WORK.Anyway if you wondering why I'm mentioning all this? Well I'm excited I know the WORK I can do and have seen countless other people work and now feel like I maybe able to get
something going.Shits getting ready to get real critical in this country and I got to get PAID.I'm getting WAY to old to be flat ass Broke-join me on the JOURNEY>...................
want to swap ads?links?whatever let me know PEACE

PS wondering what IDEAS I have up my sleeve?
why don't you just ask me we may be on to SOMETHING?
But 2 things it isn't- ILLEGAL and isn't EASY so if that's what your
looking for GOOD LUCK.I played that LIFE and that's why I'm bumming
smokes off my old lady right now:)


Anonymous said...

*smiles* Hi ya...LL

JaCk said...

greetings from italy

ThanksDrinking said...

hey man, im going through the same thing.

I like your outlook on things. Im intrested in working with you.