Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey All whats UP getting READY to fire UP

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The million dollar blog is gaining rank slowly but surely but I haven't actually decided what direction I want this to head.Anyway there's so much scam crap out there But I have been weeding thru all the mess and just reading and studying honest sites referencing the Web2.0
craze,may even be 2.5 or whatever by now.But it is exciting that the whole WORLD is basically at your finger tips and it is even more exciting when you read about all the GOOFS that are getting rich.I don't know maybe there all in the same boat trying to have trival content ie
ebaum's world that sold for 17.5 million?I was living in Rochester at the time and recently spent time on that site and thought man I could set one up like that in a day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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