Sunday, January 27, 2008

COOL WEB 2.0 nonsense :)420style

So I was messing around reading all the news online about all these People

and came across this interesting site rotten neighbor which I thought was pretty cool until I saw how many retards live near me ,just kidding.So it's fun and kinda cool although I'm sometimes leary of those sites where you can post anonymously.Speaking of anonymity-I was a person who went to the BIG A-A club for a LONG time and always struggled with the "PROGRAM" and I wanted to start incorporating some of my thoughts about alcohol and drug use.Not in a glorifying way but not in some NUTTY ass fake don't use way either.Hopefully I can put a positive slant to some new ideas on the subject like 1 for example:Over the years in AA I was under the "guidance" of

some older member and I recall all of em except one who is still my friend today-was just some dude that thought he was right and the new person was stupid.I can go into the dynamics a lot deeper but why bother they were just trying to be helpful I guess at the time.Anyway if your in a position that you have a problem with alcohol I have found that even with all the "meetings" sponsors even God's help himself,your not going to stop until YOU decide your done.But then again I "thought" I was at that point before and just went back to my Love/Yeah I said it I loved it or why else would I do it?I don't want to turn this into some lame ass recovery Blog but I did want to add that and thank God(if you even Exist) I haven't had a drink since coming back to San Antonio just before Thanksgiving.And I don't miss all.I do smoke alot of weed though and I'm sure people have their opinion about that also but you know at 42 do u really think I give a shit .I wasted MANY year's of my life worrying about what other people thought .Read up on me I'm getting ready to set it off..........................

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