Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Would John Do?



As I'm sure most people would agree this world would of been a much better place if John Lennon was still with us.I often think of John and the world we live in today.I guess it's naive to think we will ever live in a world of peace.I was thinking about a post concerning Memorial Day and it's horrifying to think that we haven't learned much.MY first memory as a young boy was sitting on a window sill in our tiny welfare apartment in the Bronx,the Beatle album was spinning on our phonograph,it was rainy out.The TV was showing a ramp from an airplane unloading boxes with flags on them.I knew what a flag was.I saw the pictures of the young men in the upper corner.I didn't know that the person in the picture was lying dead in the box.I was just thinking of all the men that I knew/know in my life that were affected by Vietnam,and now Iraq.America has plenty of their own problems to worry about.Bring our Boys HOME.God Bless our TROOPS

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