Friday, May 2, 2008

The Radical Blogger-

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 les1  Well I got out of the adding blogs to this site for a few reasons but I was recently inspired to add this man Les,who has over time brought his blog to the forefront,I think like me he just edged his way to the front but his honest hard work will be REAL evident and he shares straight up alot of great info and methods.Best of all he isn't like so many suckers on here that "think" they're all that cause they have some lame ass BLOG,in other words he answers his emails :)I'm sure in the "real world" we'd get along fine.His picture is seen all over entrecard and you can learn alot from reading his great blog,which is for sale by the way.You can check Les out right HERE.

Also I wanted to present a totally awesome HOOKUP ok here is the link to sign up for a 100% FREE awesome website magazine.If you get the digital and home subscription also 100% FREE they will give me two BUCKS-I can use that money right now BAD so pls sign up and then join their affiliate program-pls bear in mind that you will only get paid if they sign up for the physical magazine also-hey some good reading for free.If you don't know this magazine your in for a on that Banner and go check out Les he'll set you straight

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