Saturday, May 24, 2008

Making my move-HEADS UP-Memorial DAY for sure

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First off I want to state that I’m far from an expert and often get a kick out of all the so called experts out there.For whatever reason when I go on a blog I look at that green bar and that does affect what impression I have about what I’m reading.So my point is I’m going to write a few things from a “customers” perspective and give people who have or are thinking about getting their own system going.
Because of the awesome power of php an the availability of open source a person can just take a little time,watch a few videos on youtube or wherever.Download some php scripts from hotscripts get a excellent hosting service like I used and go to town.


So why doesn’t everyone do that? Well one there’s tons out there and that leads up to my point.

Well from a “customer’s point of view people can pretend like they’re there to chit chat and all that.But what people really want is traffic so why not give it to them?
Well that’s where I step in.I have been looking for where I can help people get exposure for their blogs.Since I always wished to see people do well and get some recognition.And I love going on blogs and checking out how their laid out. I have found an awesome free service that has a lot of lame “pros”  using. I said why not go to walmart get a few things and start my own show.So that’s what I’m going to do.Really I’m just going to google some blog thing go on that blog and just talk about what I like and don’t like.Hopefully I’ll have a few sponsors cause everyone needs money but basically just have a lot of fun and for FREE:)
I’ll set up a quick email acct like and people can email me there and say HOMIE check out my blog.So that’s an area I’m going to go for.Because I have an agenda
I have to play with the big boys.Plus the competiton is minimal no offense.I recently did some research on this guy name Danny Sullivan who is an overly well known seo guru dude that doesn’t answer his email for one.
And he also has the same name as my son so I was thinking at first that he would of at least responded I finally just wrote him and told him I thought he was a jerk and really did suck on so I said you know what let me do what I do.Why wait? I have spent a lot of time not on content but the mechanics and there’s no experts believe me.For example I thought CSS was going to be hard to learn it’s NOT.

So sometime when I get back from walmart I’m going to get on and I may be talking to myself and I may be doing that for along time but that’s good cause when it’s showtime I’ll be ready.

I also will be focusing on the positive if I don’t have anything nice to say I’ll try my best,it’s hard sometimes to play nice nice,where your comments are monitored and censored deleted or ignored,so I’m going to do a few things to change that.All this will hopefully put me into a position to set up my real site.I like to refer to it as a Technocrati LIVE site with a wall street “stock” market traffic live traffic tracker for sites that sign up for FREE.They will be issued a 4 digit tracker.But the real cool feature is the live screen on the center of the site where we do a traffic report and sell slots to big companies like Blogcatalog, lame social spark whoever.It’s really easy to set up with the php,broadband streams available.Like I said I’m no expert but like they say even a caveman can do it

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