Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blogger's Unite May 15th

Bloggers Unite

Well today's the day and it's horrifying to think about all hate and violence in the has organized a day for many of their members to use the power of numbers to blog about various issues.I  watch about all these terrible things happening and often wonder why humans do horrible things to each other.Is there anything I can do?

I live in San Antonio where Blogcatalog is actually located and gave some careful thought about what I wanted to post about.  As it concerns human rights.I'm not an isolationist per se but I know when I go downtown I see countless people suffering.Right here,right in front of my eyes I see young children having very limited opportunities,I see their parents struggle to even eat.I see murders reported just about everyday.There's an estimated 24,000 people homeless in San Antonio.Recently the local politicians wanted and got a ridiculous amount of money to waste on buildings $140 million they were very proud.These politicians ought to be ashamed of themselves to say the least.

So what am I going to do?Well there's literally 1000's of young people here that I watch constantly get caught up in all gangs,drugs and violence.I watch as they change,it's sad.I'd like to get a little coffee shop right here where I live to let young people come and hang out and learn about the internet.To have a positive atmosphere to be a geek.I do not know one young person here that's into computers and maybe using that as a way to avoid low paying jobs and a cycle of poverty,gangs and drugs and violence.

  I also have a blog that I need to work on a lot more I'd like to get that blog (or another one) in a position to make enough so I can rent a small apt and host one or two homeless guys for say 90 days.I found most homeless have had family and drug problems,an apt would be a great step in helping a guy get back on his feet.I'm close to doing that now.I have spoke to a few guys downtown and see how this could really help.Even if just one man uses that time to get his head together and get back on track that would maybe bring a father back to some kid.

When I talk to my son's friends he's 11 I noticed that they have one thing in common,except for my son NONE of them have their father living with them.Loosing my own father to murder at the age 10 had a major impact on my life.So that's what I'm going to do focus on my own backyard and do my best to help my fellow man,I can think of no better way to honor human rights then by starting right here,right now.

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