Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'll school you on life in the REAL WORLD

wall_thumb_1 Ok so I have some catching up to do and I'm sure at least "one ghost writer" is a little disappointed but I will be catching up tonight.I will just say I was getting a little disappointed in this whole blogger process and guess I was nieve and thought it was going to be some love feast but it seems to be just like the  real world.Where your neighbor only knocks when he needs some toilet paper no less.When you care about some so called friend and call and come to realize your the one always calling.It's like watching fucking scammers on here selling all types of bullshit dvd's and running all types of crackhead contest knowing that in real life them people don't give a damn about you.Myself I always sold out on the Money option and choose my own values and it has cost me plenty.

But I know that money doesn't make you happy.And I know how when you have money people kiss your ass and I know just how/where those people will be when you loose,spend,smoke or get suckered yourself.I used to like that kind of clown the best. the "player" who couldn't get played.

So I find myself in kinda of which way are you going to go?It's all good cause I have a great wife and great kids .So I'm hoping to get past all these knuckleheads and I have actually been offered to move to Costa Rica and run a online gambling set up.Having lived many yrs in KW and the way American PEOPLE are now days it's tempting.Speaking of temptation if your not strong San Jose is not the place to be.I'll just say that .I got some w

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ork to do PEACE

PS and to all you bloggers that think your all that and don't respond  or stumble or whatever other dumb shit you mentioned DUDE you played yourself cause I don't give a damn if you stumble me.For real




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