Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wow things are starting to heat up-

I'm not going to say how long but it's been a minute since I first signed onto learned alot and had a very unrealistic sense of REALITY,in
other words I haven't made one flat dime since.OH I have emails and offers worth untold
MILLIONS,but in REALITY they're not worth nada,zip,ziltch.So what's my point,well I had
a natural sense that was going to be the case,wait I did have a totally unrealistic
visions of amazing amounts of GOOGLE money flowing my way out of some POOL of Billions.
So bypass all the downs and let's get right to the real point,I got everything set up
now.I have a few domains,paid ones so we'll see the reality of the exact same content
on vs. vs,which if you register I'm having people go right to Author mode
so go and promote yourself and just write something useful.Speaking of which now that
I have all my chosen affiliates,e-stores,wordpress,blogger,joomla sites to link up later,I can NOW concentrate on the most important aspect of any blog hopefully-CONTENT
and there's so much that I should be writing about.And that's about lame ass prime time tv shows,but about real issues andreal stuff.That HOTPRIMETIMETV.COM was just a
Google adsense experiment,using keywords,and honestly mostly cut and paste content
from the shows site themselves,in the belief they wouldn't mind some poor ass loser
jackin they're photos and press to promote their show on some lame ass blog no one
reads anyway:)

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