Friday, March 7, 2008

This may sound corny But I just wanted to...

wish everyone a great day.Check out that online newspapers site.I had a question for the owner? about using stories from there and what the rules were.Well the guy Kevin Grant got right back to me and the guy sounded pretty encouraging and cool so check it out.Oh and speaking of cool I have been wanting to find something that would allow me to work for myself.Oh one sec I just noticed something real strange the page rank thingy has some GREEN in it,just proves my lil experiments have been working,although
I did get a personal letter from Google pointing out a mistake ? I needed to correct etc,don't want to mess with those boys as I'm hoping to get my first 100 check sometime this summer so I can take my kid to Seaworld :)So the main even is this Drink that I'm involved with,the drink itself is cool,the website,CLICK HERE check it out sign up and work it.I plan on smoking me a PHATTY and going around selling the stuff myself and SIGNINGpeople up so get with it.Join The Energy Revolution-DaysOh and finally but no less important check out this lady's blog she is hard working,and well on her way.

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Offbeat News said...

Thanks Johnny...that's one of the highest compliments another blogger can pay to another...I'll see you at the top!