Thursday, March 6, 2008

So what's been going on ?

Well besides all the excitement here in San Antonio with the POLITICS of the Presidential race.Myself I have been burning the midnight oil.With everything I have
seen all over the BLOGOSPHERE,damn now I'm speaking-0k ready coin this-google it-
internese,ok anyway I'm a LEGEND in my own mind.So instead of trying to HUSTLE traffic
from BLOGGERS who aren't going to buy anything anyway.(sorry)I decided to take a different approach to this whole venture.First after signing up for every damn site from blogthis to blogfing that man none NONE of them produced anything WORTH mentioning.I even bypassed all this non-sense of SEO to analyze whatever KEYWORD you
analyzing,yeah I'm not debating that works,if you want to just to be like everyone else.But my goal is to have GOOGLE chasing me not me chasing GOOGLE,believe that.I
owned AOL back in the day from 1.0 was under 100,000 member I was just thinking outside
while I was blazing that I had one night 1500 overhead accts,for the very very few in the know I'll just mention KEYWORD rainman,when you accessed that "area" you had total
control,you could KILL/TOS an acct instantly.I had win95 before anyone it was sitting
in that area way before anyone outside of Microsoft everyheard of it.AOL was bad ass and over time they PROFESSIONALIZED it in other words Steve Case got to RICH.I'll finish with one quick story,I had killed Steve Case's PERSONAL accts.HE of course managed to get back in an email ME asking to RESTORE him PLS
PS hey I know all that stuff was MAD illegal but two things no 3/4
1 I was young/younger
2 I never bought,ordered anything with anyone's info EVER
3 We had fun "TESTING" the system we did it for the HUMANITARIAN effect.
4 No one was hurt

I'm going to post about what exactly you had to do then just to get on the internet
this is just to "hook" in, the first time was on a command line and I saw 100's
of "thing" scrolling up the screen.I was like what the hell is that?Till I quickly
realized that was IRC and you had to get a /nick.Man you had to "start" TCP/IP no wait I think you had to start some winsock shit then TCP/IP then maybe MAYBE you could get Netscape to show something.I would FTP alot.I remember me and this "kid"
from up in Canada were thinking we were all bad ass.We were talking to each other
CB Style-Duplex was HIGH Tech,I had my copy of win95,which in hindsight was a funky
ass program and you will soon know a DLL file.a zip what the hell is that Well if you
wanted to UNZIP a file back then give it 15 tries then BACK up.Man you had to sweat
for something to work back then.I learned about file swaping back then,or how bout
setting up a HUGE 8 meg download and have it all set up to run thru the night and seeing it's ALMOST done and can't wait.How bout paying 200 cash for a 8 meg chip so you can kick it up a notch to 12 megs and scream at 14,000 baud.Hmmm I knew my neighbors back then,ah yes it was right around that time that I noticed People CHNAGED and if you want to know how read tommorrow..
Oh and as far as my AOL confession 2 things AOL sucks and it's over 7 yrs so STFU :)
Don't be Snitching,you don't want me to lock up that BROADBAND modem do you.
Oh and for real finally that was the fun of the old days kicking in in a mass mail chat room and chasing the next zip file.

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