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craigslist: Active Posting -

craigslist: Active Posting -: "CMS>XOOPS>MAMBO>NUKESJOOMLA and then Some

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Date: 2008-02-29, 5:52AM CST

If you know what that is and need help with it pls contact me
also because I'm not a year round resident here in San Antonio
I'm available to go over Dreamweaver,Photoshop,CMS sytems,php,
e-commerce solutions,at a location near Marbach/410 during the day.
Peace and quiet to FOCUS I can co-facilitate and work with you.
Or if your Rich and just want to get out of the house and have some
fun and have some BRAGGING rights showing people your web presence
I like to call it.
BUT it's not just making a cool looking site and no one sees
it but YOU.That's worthless in terms of financial BUT
wherever Your at is fine with me BEGINNERS are more fun anyway
You send me info,clippings,pics,conceptual framework
I send/give you the PW to a BAD ASS SYSTEM not just some
lame 5 page template made web site.Take your idea/business to the
Next level I'm up for the Challenge.

Location: 78227"

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