Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where you been dude ?

Wow I dropped off of my regular routine to a FULL out assault on learning,Joomla,XOOPS,Mambo and other aspects of CMS,it's HOT.

It's also very difficult and frustrating at first but when you get to the

point where you have run out of errors and something actually works!

Man it's a short lived thrill.So there's two reasons that I'm doing all this

and that is to be able to know inside and out the programs I'm running

and to set up and admin databases etc.I should of got into this when

I had the chance many yrs ago.SO it's exciting, frustrating and I love it:)

hey I want to see if this link works so this is a test link .I basically have no

life at this point,no money and my beautiful daughter Shannon's BDay is in

a few days -if you know a way I can get on a plane go see her and hand her a

thousand thousand dollars-email me at Oh and

finally stay tuned for my interesting Boring post about AOL and all that it will be

interesting or at least have alot of keywords embeded we'll see.Need a bad ass web

site hooked up,e-commerce,Joomla whatever let me know catch me while it's still CHEAP

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