Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well XOOPS will keep ya from getting Bored

Ok so now your bored with the ease of Blogger.Well after admiring alot of other peoples
Blogs and web sites and being BORED.I set off
to first "trying" to install wordpress on a server.On a 1-10 that wasn't so bad but hand load a theme-that was a 3-try editing that page while having been SPOILED using this easy system.So after that I was all FIRED up so next as I thought I was a FTP expert I tried to install a forum.Man I was on a role.Flew thru setting up a lame ass chat just for the practice...(apparently chat rooms are dead cause I haven't been in one in ALONG time.Then I had to go and mess with XOOPS because I was coming across some HIGH end bad ass web sites and was wondering how they were made etc.So did curiousity kill the cat? no it gave him a HEADSWIRLING anxious desire to get back in their and keep at it.PHP,mysql and all that I had no idea about 2 days ago.
Hey and Best of all It's all open source and that means FREE and you can do ALOT with all the modules-(add-ons) it's like a house they lay all the wood outhere for the taking and they have the nails and then some so to speak,is that MARKETING LIFESTYLE getting old?
or I should say social networking .You know how many REAL LIFE friends all that social
networking produced? zip,nada I did learn alot and have no regrets.
Xoops offers the ability if you want to do the "work" to set up some awesome stuff -set up online stores,bad ass content driven web sites,that you can make some serious
dollars with.So I was thinking did I really want to have some lame ass blog about some get quick rich scam,like pretty much 75% of the ones I have saw.Hey the hell with that google adsense shit right now also.
This is a pure lead to how the BIG BOYS are making the dollars.I'll just give you one example of what some guy made with this stuff check this out JIGJAK.Yeah I know it's lame I was to busy to join
for right now but the point is that LAME beta will be sold one day for alot more then
you think and a million more times more then what any so called mystery check sent from anyone of these online affiliates crap.Man I have signed up for some many affiliates thingys-you know your doing bad when you go to sign up and they say "Dude your already a member YOU DORK.These PHP programs are what's making all those hot Memes sites.I tried to monkey
around with it for a while till my eyeballs were burning a hole in the screen.
So in review-just a few random thoughts-one that shit isn't easy.I have been on a computer when you had to access the root with a C:\ and I was rocking on a FRESH 2400 baud modem,kicking out 12 megs of memory ,of which I bought USED from a guy in the newspaper for 200 and when I had it in my hand I thought I played him.So that was a while ago and I had millions of great ideas over the years and f*ck.Well let's not divert from the PROJECT.I'm starting to TALK all that programmer lingo which is kinda cool and annoying to my wife.She sits there drinking a nice cold BUD while I just smoked some tight ass bud and I start by saying Man I was trying to edit a php file
but some priviledge CMOD whatever.........but she is eyeing how to setup those BAD ASS looking FREE online stores.So
at this stage of the game I'm going to REDIRECT this blog and get away from the
weed emphasize and all that gov't shit and FOCUS on getting paid.
Finally I saw a GREAT infommercial or whatever you call it.This young 17 girl was the focus she has a site and anyway she started off a few yrs ago and made those lame ass MYSPACE layouts gave them away and so how is she a MULTIMILLIONAIRE today,those ad checks.
Her website is made with XOOP by the way.
I want to have a contest who can DEVELOP
code whatever the BEST XOOP site in a templates and all that other nonsense
PURE PHP by hand/trust me I don't know what I'm talking about at all I'm trying to convince myself :) "They" meaning smart people on tell you straight up on page one
if you don't have TIME and are willing to work for it.Cause if you want IT it's all
right here for the taking.I always like to give a visual to my wife like describing
my online venture as a HURRICANE,building up off shore,yeah right.But on the serious side
these programs are for people to take to the LIMIT,which I will be illustrating examples of shortly.Wow it's 5:30 in the am and I'm ready to get back to work.

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