Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Web 2.0 and The Chronic

Well I have been spending alot of time reading all these various web sites that deal with the "new" way of doing things.There's nothing new as we all know.I'm just glad I'm able to step out for a "smoke" once in a while cause all that stuff is enough to give you a HEADACHE.
I have to start cross linking this blog and look for ways to INCREASE traffic.I was taking it kinda slow cause I just wanted to focus on laying it all out etc.Now that I have half a clue I want to start focusing on content.So if anyone has any helpful ideas pls let me know.
I often think of some really detailed idea to write about and will have to work on a way
to translate those thoughts to writing about it and not worry if I'm only "talking" to myself.

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