Thursday, February 21, 2008

Democratic Debate

Well I watched the Bullshit session.These people are f*cking crazy and will say ANYTHING,ANYTIME and it just doesn't impress me.I do like the way they are SMART enough to side step TRAP questions,I always admired that cause I always see the trap way after
I'm in it.Other then that hmmm I wouldn't be surprised and you heard it here first....
The dude gains momentum when it's down to the wire and she has to surrender.He will
offer her a VP spot,he will win.She will be anxious in there and wait to set him up.
He will be impeached,dishonored whatever....she will step up...her man will be VP.
Doesn't make sense-ok we shall see........
ps I don't mention any POLITICIAN by name cause they ALL SUCK

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