Sunday, February 17, 2008

College Web 2.0 Style

I went to college in Rochester N.Y a community college and received an associates.
So here's my point it was a waste of MONEY and TIME-point blank.Now why am I saying that to discourage you? No I was just thinking the way the world is now if your NOT going to go to college for something like a doctor or whatever why bother?
The amount of time and money you'll spend on that worthless piece of paper is what I'm trying to point out.Kick in the student loans and the FACT that no job that I ever applied to since asked or cared.If they did notice they mentioned it,"Oh you have an associates?" I could of said yeah and three eyeballs for all they cared.A job is going to hire you mainly if they like you or not.That's been my experience.So if I was young and thinking about what I would do in hindsight I would find something I love start a business of my own and keep at it.You see so many goofs out there with big money it's like what am I doing wrong?But that's a whole other story.
School yourself it will pay off alot more then some BS piece of paper.

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seo-tactics said...

Your right about that. Even with certain bachelor degrees it is really hard to find a job. "unless you go for sales" and even then, it depends.