Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yeah so .......that's it?

I had to ask this trailer trash type chick to get me a 20 sack and man did she dip half that stuff or what?I made it known to her that I wasn't use to getting no shit like that.So why am I telling you this ?Well just think of the time and drama I could of avoided if I could of just ran across to the GAS
STATION and grab a pack of "LUCKIES",meaning Lucky you got em :)ie WEED
So what's the moral of the story? I'll stick to my regular dude,I just didn't want to wait.And call tommorrow..........................................
in the mean time I'll be chasing a buzz with this rag weed.Later

Yo Matt what's up ?
anyone go to Key West look up my Good friend MATTAVERY
and check out the place he plays @ for more info CLICKME
OK Good Night which means smoke and watch the news and
random BS on TV and think about Life...oh well

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