Thursday, January 31, 2008

We all must be Crazy

Like most people I watch all kinds of news throughout the day.It amazes me how this guy got this country in such a bad spot in so many different ways and it's like everyone is asleep or something I don't get it.When I started this dumbass blog I wanted to make a point of never

mentioning any politicians cause basically they ALL suck.I never met one I liked actually and I met many.Anyway I'm not from San Antonio but have been here 2 months trying to work on my marriage and spending time with my son.Now this place is a trip,I was watching the Mayor yesterday give a speech and to tell you the truth it was pretty sad the guy seemed like a goof in a big room full of goofs but they all make their BIG 40 G's a yr or more so what do they care and man the room was full of BIG FAT ASS guys who I can see had to get into some gov't type of work.This place is alot different then Rochester NY in alot of ways but they do share many common factors also.So what's the point cause bitching and opinions don't mean anything at all

like my wife would say they don't pay the rent.To bad they're isn't a market for roaches cause

I would be able to run a distrubution center from right here in this apartment.I like when your online at night and they crawl across your arm and the shock factor when your realize just what that itchy tingly feeling really is.I think I need to move to the white side of town this side is played out and depressing same ole same ole.There's absolutely nothing to do around here.Anyway everywhere can't be paradise...............

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