Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stop All Violent Crime Lower Your Taxe$

This is what some of you white collar dudes will be doing Soon prepping my smoke for Uncle Sam
"And I was prepping your meals at the damn diner all these yrs.Thanks Fellas" Juan -Streets of San Antonio

Anyway I was doing alot of thinking about all the problems going on right now and one of the FASTEST ways to bring about ALOT of change would be to experiment with outright controlled

marijuana legalization.Just the fact that weed is illegal at all is pretty stupid. Here in Texas I could buy firecrackers at a roadside stand TONS if I wanted yet I have to prowl around and mostly deal
with all sorts of "people" I usually wouldn't deal with just to get a lil weed?I much rather go and buy
a 20 pack of 20 medium cigarette looking smokes and know that it is Great WEED and I'm helping the Country by investing in it's Future.Weed is cheap to make so say they have 10 bucks into it with all the "COST" you know what I'm saying
Plus a whole new industry of HIGH PAYING jobs:)Not like the all to many shit ones where it is a definite to have some Bad ass smoke just to make it thru that 8 hour nightmare.So Crime would go down way down and there's just so many positive things about it.It also would let the POLICE and all the other self righteous dirtbags that work for the government go focus on some REAL problems.So some of the negatives?To be able to go into the store to get some great weed
anytime you want for a good price and add to the governments coffers big time and keep people
working in some REAL Jobs? Anyway Let people do what they want I'm going out to smoke

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