Friday, January 18, 2008

Million Dollar Blog

 Key_West Well I was spewing all my online dreams to my wife and showed her what  the $1.14 worth of work I had done so far.So she said, "Dude why don't you concentrate on one thing at a time."So from henceforth

this blog will have a co-title of the "Million Dollar Blog".I just googled and saw that there people trying to make a million in my case it's different cause I already have the million cause I have the password.

I will at this time due to certain HARDships start the bidding for this

password @20 dolla.

Hey on the serious side I got some KILL so this will be a great weekend but damn it's COLD 40 and windy here in San Antonio is

REAL cold but they would be DYING back in Key West where the all time low I believe is 41 back in 18 something.I may be wrong but I know one thing if your going to be homeless you much rather be in Key West.

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